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Introduction to Data Science

COGS 9 - UC San Diego - Prof. Shannon Ellis

Spring 2023


TU & TH 9:30-10:50AM

Welcome 👋

We are all very excited that you decided to join us on this whirlwind tour of data science. All relevant info, e.g. due dates, assignment links, etc. are found on this website. We look forward to teaching and working with all of you and hope to meet you in office hours. Check out the Getting Started section so you can hit the ground running when class starts!

Our staff try to enroll as many students from the waitlist as possible during Week one. Prof does not have access to the waitlist or the ability to directly enroll anyone into the class, so please email with further questions.

Discussion Sections

Day Time Location Staff Materials
A01 Wed 9:00-9:50AM CENTER 222 TA: Kunal
IA: Connor
A02 Wed 1:00-1:50PM DIB 122 TA: Kunal
IA: Yupei
A03 Wed 3:00-3:50PM CSB 004 TA: Matthew
IA: --
A04 Wed 5:00-5:50PM MANDE B-150 TA: Shubham
IA: Mincong
A05 Wed 6:00-6:50PM MANDE B-150 TA: Shubham
IA: Mincong

Course Calendar

Week 1
Tue, Apr 04 LECT What is Data Science
Thu, Apr 06 LECT Ethics
Fri, Apr 07 EXTR [Extra Credit] Pre-course survey due
Week 2
Tue, Apr 11 LECT Data Science Questions & Reading
Thu, Apr 13 LECT Reproducibility & Bias
Week 3
Tue, Apr 18 LECT Data
Thu, Apr 20 LECT Getting Data
Fri, Apr 21 QUIZ Quiz 1 due
Week 4
Tue, Apr 25 LECT Data Wrangling
Thu, Apr 27 LECT Programming for Data Science
Fri, Apr 28 QUIZ Quiz 2 due
Week 5
Tue, May 02 LECT Data Vizualization
Thu, May 04 LECT Exploratory Data Analysis
Fri, May 05 QUIZ Quiz 3 due
Fri, May 05 ASSG Assignment 1 due
Week 7
Tue, May 16 LECT Inferential Analysis
Thu, May 18 LECT Machine Learning I
Fri, May 19 QUIZ Quiz 4 due
Fri, May 19 ASSG Assignment 2 due
Fri, May 19 EXTR [Extra Credit] Team evaluation
Week 8
Tue, May 23 LECT Machine Learning II
Thu, May 25 GLCT Guest Lecture: Sam Lau
Fri, May 26 ASSG Assignment 3 due
Week 9
Tue, May 30 LECT Geospatial Analysis
Thu, Jun 01 LECT Text Analysis
Fri, Jun 02 QUIZ Quiz 5 due
Week 10
Tue, Jun 06 LECT Algorithms & Computability
Thu, Jun 08 LECT Future of Data Sci & Jobs
Fri, Jun 09 PROJ Final Project Part 2 due
Sat, Jun 10 EXTR [Extra Credit] CAPEs due
Week 11
Tue, Jun 13 EXAM Take home exam due
Tue, Jun 13 EXTR [Extra Credit] Post-course survey due